(I am referring to Javascript-the-landscape, not Javascript-the-language)

Javascript is moving very vast. Every week, there is a new slew of libraries.

How well do I fare on javascript awareness ? Surely I am doing ok. If you think you are too, read this little excerpt from State of the Art JavaScript in 2016:

The first criteria knocks out Ava (even though it looks awesome) and Jest (auto-mocking isn’t nearly as nice as it sounds, and is very slow anyway).

You can’t really go wrong with Jasmine, Mocha or Tape. I prefer Chai asserts because of all available plugins and Sinon’s mocks to Jasmine’s built in construct, and Mocha’s asynchronous test support is superior (you don’t have to deal with done callbacks). Chai as Promised is amazing. I highly recommend using Dirty Chai to avoid some headaches, though. Webpack’s mocha-leader let’s you automatically run tests as you code.

When you don’t watch closely a javascript library, It goes into a corner and makes a lot of babies!