Quick review of the main event of the StarLeague season 1.

The big story is that Dark is wrecking everyone.

But there are a couple of other things to notice:

  • Zerg is much more present than I expected it to be.
  • Very few terrans in the RO16 (7 protosses, 6 zergs and only 3 terrans)
  • Protoss is actually having a hard time versus Zerg in the first rounds: the first PvZ won by Protoss is Patience vs Soo in the quaterfinals. After that, it evens out.
  • her0, one of the favourites, loses 2-1 to Patience and 2-1 to Hurricane; and is out before the quaterfinals.
  • Stats (2nd place) played really well throughout. But he still lost two times to Dark (0-3 in semis and 2-4 in finals)
  • Banelings/Banelings drop in ZvP is meta.
  • Mass phoenix/adepts is frequently played in ZvP.