Let’s say you were told by someone that is always right that anything you attempt is going to succeed. What would you try to do ?

In other words, what is the coolest thing you can think of ? As a member of Homo Sapiens, a mammal, a living thing, a concious being or whatever, what is the radest thing you can do ? The thing that would make your mom (or whoever you are trying to impress) the most pleased.

I wouldn’t try to be original and resort to the Eliezer scale, and pick the top item: hack the universe, get out of the system, and say hello to our gods.

With the help of a properly aligned ASI, there is a slight chance we manage that in our lifetime.

There is a whole slew of less cool (but still insanely cool by any standards) of other possible things: wireheading, ASI-generated art and videogames, mind uploading, atomic 3d-printers, eradication of suffering, thriving global political system… But I don’t see anything that can top hacking the universe.