Untill recently, I wasn’t aware that you could juggle “4 low”. That is, juggling 4 diabolos without constantly throwing them into the air.

4 is so hard to manage on the string that you don’t have much room to do any tricks. But still, you can.

Here is all the footage I could find about the art of juggling 4.

Etienne Chauzy & Robin Spinelli. 5:00 and 6:39 : throws and W

Etienne Chauzy 1:17 : throws

Robin Spinelli: Columns

Robin Spinelli: Suicide. 0:23

Soon Yong Wei: Throws, and a reverse throw almost successful

Ronnie Slowinski: throw

Ronnie Slowinski: throw, W and a sprinkler

Yu-Sung Chao. 4 low for 2m30s

小晴陳 W, 5 low attempt

Walla. Complex throws