As an actual owner and user of both of these bikes, I will give my impressions about each.

Quick history: I first had the Strida EVO for about one year, and got it stolen. I then bought an IF Mode. It’s been a year and I still use it. I have used both bikes fairly often (2 to 3 times a week).

Strida EVO. About $1,300.

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Review of the SX version (without the different speeds, but otherwise very similar)


  • Very low-maintenance
  • Very good breaks
  • Very good chain design
  • Can stand by itself while on folded position
  • Good folding design. Easy to walk with the bike folded.


  • Small wheels make the bike more janky and harder to control. It is also more dangerous where there are bumps on the road
  • The triangular form of the frame means no standing on the pedals, and you cannot ride no-handed
  • Changing gears by pedaling backwards is very unnatural and requires a lot of getting-used-to
  • Somewhat heavy because of the gears

IF Mode. About $2,700

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  • Very good folding design. Super fast to fold/unfold. Also easy to walk with the bike folded.
  • Good build quality
  • Acts like a normal bike, despite being a folding bike
    • Stable because of large wheels
    • Possible to ride no-handed
    • Possible to ride standing on the pedals
  • Good gear-changing mechanism by tapping with the feet
  • Very cool looking (people sometimes stare at you)


  • Expensive. Which means it will empty your bank account, but also there is the fear of having it stolen, so you’ll need a very good, also expensive, U-lock. (Better to bring it indoors whenever possible)
  • I had some small technical issues: the saddle sometimes creaks (greasing it fixes the issue), and when changing gears, if you do not tap properly, you can end up in a position where the pedals are fully disengaged with the chain. This happens very rarely but I have to mention it because it can be surprising.
  • Slightly heavy

Overall, both are very good bikes, and I’m very happy with the IF Mode. If I had to remake the choice, I would go for the IF Mode again because it is so much like a real bike while still being able to fold.